Download Free Version of MS Word for Mac

Did someone ever tell you that you can use the famous Windows program MS Word on a Mac now? The best part of this good news is that you don’t actually have to pay for it.

If the word ‘free’ rings to your mind, this is going to be your favorite tutorial.

SECRETS REVEALED: This tutorial will help you fetch a FREE copy of MS Word and other Office products for Mac. The method is 100% legit and leads you only to ‘official’ download pages. 

With new MS Office 64-bit edition available for Mac, the Microsoft Word is now better than ever. It looks amazing on Mac with full retina display support. You can start using revamped MS Word for Mac if you already have Office 365 subscription.

Or else, you can use our method and get MS Word for free!

If you don’t have a 365 subscription, you can still use the new MS Word for Mac without having to pay for it. You can either start a free one-month trial or download Office for students from Microsoft website. You can then try the new Word and see if it beats other text document apps on iTunes.

Don’t hit the panic button yet. I’m about to reveal the free method. 

How to download and install MS Word for Mac

ms word for mac

You can download MS Word for Mac from the official website. Go to this link and choose the subscription that suits you the most.

I know some of you want to try Word before they buy it. Follow instructions below to get the free 30-days trial version.

  • Visit this link.
  • Click on the big green button to start your trial today.
  • After you click the button, your download will start automatically.
  • Wait until the download completes as it might take time to download a large file, especially if you are on slow internet.

That’s it. You should be able to use the one-month trial version of MS Word for Mac now.

The good news is that you can also get the MS Office suite for mac including MS Word for free. But this option is only available for students. Follow the instructions below to get your free student copy today.

  • Visit this page. Here you can grab your student copy of MS Office and MS Word for Mac.
  • Enter email address of your educational institute. If your institute is registered with Microsoft, you will be able to proceed to the next step where you will download the Office for free.
  • Start downloading the software on the next page.

Now you have grabbed a free copy of MS Office. Remember, you can only use this copy as long as you are a student.

Now install the file that you just downloaded. Follow on-screen prompts and you will be able to run the program within a few minutes.

How much does MS Word cost for Mac?

Microsoft Office for Mac doesn’t cost a fortune. In fact, you can grab the Home copy for as low as £119.00. If you are looking for Home & Business edition, then you will have to pay £229.99 but you will also get MS Outlook with it (not available in Student and Home edition).

The Office package includes MS Word for Mac, MS Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. So is what each of these programs help you achieve.

MS Word: You can use this software to prepare and edit documents.

Microsoft Excel: It’s great when you want to create and edit sheets.

PowerPoint: It’s a bundle software to create and edit presentations.

OneNote: You can use OneNote to take notes. This app has some wonderful organization features that will help you keep your notes in order to be retrieved easily at a later date.

When you download MS Word for Mac, you can only install it on one PC. If you want to install the Office or Word on more than one Macs, you will need to buy Office 365 subscription. This subscription lets you run Office on multiple Mac computers.