Ways to Get FREE MS PowerPoint for Mac

MS PowerPoint for Mac free? You think this is just a big joke because you don’t expect to get anything free from Microsoft.

You’re wrong.

Microsoft offers two different ways for you to grab a free version of Powerpoint and other Office-bundled software. You just need to fuel up your privy eyes and spot these opportunities.

This article will finally reveal the FREE methods to download MS PowerPoint for Mac. So keep reading.

Create perfect slideshows in MS PowerPoint for Mac

ms powerpoint for mac

If you are looking to create presentations and slideshows without having to spend hours, MS PowerPoint is the answer. This app is optimized for speed and efficiency. As a result, creating a rich slideshow takes only a few minutes.

MS Excel for Mac comes with plenty of interesting features that make your life easier. For example, users can access any feature from the ribbon so they don’t have to dig it from the textual navigation. Similarly, the app offers keyboard shortcuts for adding images, videos, graphics, and tables.

The program comes with many preinstalled themes. These themes allow you to jump start your work as you won’t have to begin from the scratch. These themes have transitions and animations. You can also add sound to your presentations.

You can collaborate with your co-workers while using MS PowerPoint fro Mac. This means that all the members in a workgroup will be able to contribute instantly.

Don’t forget. You will be able to download a FREE copy and use all these amazing features at the end of this article. 

Although the traditional PowerPoint 2011 version offers all the above-mentioned features, you should go for the latest 2016 version. It not only improves on the existing features but also adds many new features.

Download and install MS PowerPoint for Mac

After reading the features above, I’m sure you are convinced to give MS PowerPoint in your Mac a chance. Once you use this app, you won’t have to look for a presentation app. Here is how to download and install this app.

Method 1: Get MS PowerPoint for Mac with Office 365 subscription

The first method to get MS PowerPoint is to purchase the Office 365 subscription. Once you have bought the license, you will be able to enjoy all Office software, as they will be covered in your 365 subscription model.

IMPORTANT: If you are looking only for a free version, skip this method and scroll below.

Go to this page to explore different subscription offers. Choose the one that meets your needs and isn’t heavy on your wallet.

Follow the steps below to download and install MS PowerPoint using this method.

  • Download Office 2016 from this link.
  • Start your free trial. You can try Office for 30 days.
  • Start exploring PowerPoint, comes bundled with all standard Office 365 subscription models, and see if other Office software offer value as well. You might want to continue using Excel and Word in particular.

Method 2: Get MS PowerPoint individually

If you don’t want to pay for the full Office 365 subscription, you can easily buy and download MS PowerPoint individually. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  • Download MS PowerPoint here.
  • Create a Microsoft account to pay and obtain a license for MS PowerPoint.
  • After you have downloaded the file successfully, install it on your Mac.

Now start creating presentations with your newly installed slideshow software.

How to get FREE PowerPoint for Mac

If you think Office or PowerPoint costs a lot and you probably won’t be able to purchase a 365 subscription, then you can try to get a copy of office free of cost. Follow the instructions below.

  • You can only avail FREE Office if you are a student.
  • Visit this page.
  • Enter email address of your university/college to verify that you are a student.
  • Download FREE Office.