MS Excel for Mac – ways how to install it for free

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program. It is shipped as a part of MS Office suite as well as an individual program for Mac. This article will explain how to download and install MS Excel for Mac.

Bonus: You can use MS Excel for Mac free of cost. Trick to grab the free copy is revealed at the end!

Why download MS Excel for Mac?

ms excel for mac free Before I give you the FREE version, take a minute to read why this is such a great program for spreadsheets.

When you are a Mac user, you have plenty of options to create and edit spreadsheets. MS Excel for Mac, one of the popular options, is compatible with the latest Mac OS and the program is available in various language.

When you use MS Excel for Mac, you have a chance to explore new and intuitive ways to interact with your data. You get powerful charts and graphs to map data in an efficient visual manner. Additionally, the program offers keyboard shortcuts that will help you turn columns to numbers to sort information in a better way.

MS Excel for Mac gives you the Microsoft edge. Retina display makes your data look more elegant and clear.

That should give you enough reasons to download this program. So what’s the delay. Scroll below and read the full tutorial.

How to download MS Excel for Mac

If you want to use a professional spreadsheet program for Mac, then MS Excel is a great choice. You can start using this program either by downloading the individual package or getting Office 365 subscription.

You can purchase Excel 2016 for Mac in $109.99. The trick to get a free copy is just below the fold now.

How to install MS Excel for Mac

It takes only a few minutes to install MS Excel for Mac. Depending on whether you plan to install Excel or the full Office program, follow a tutorial below.

Requirements for installing Excel

Before you install Excel, it’s important that you take a look at basic requirements for using this program. Read these pre-requisites below.

  • You must have an Intel processor powering your computer.
  • MS Excel for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.10. If you are running an older version of the OS, please upgrade to the latest version before continuing.
  • Your computer should have at least 4GB of RAM.
  • Make sure you have at least 6GB free space on your computer hard drive.
  • You can enjoy Excel with Retina display on Mac. Minimum recommended resolution is 1280 x 800.
  • You will also need a working internet connection to use internet-related features found in MS Excel for Mac.
  • Lastly, you need a Microsoft account to use MS Excel and other MS products.

Now it’s time to read different methods to download this software for iOS, Pick the one that you like but don’t forget to try the FREE technique at the end. Goodluck!

Download MS Excel for Mac individually

If you meet the basic requirements as mentioned above, you can run MS Excel on your Mac. Follow the instructions below to download and install the latest 2016 Excel by Microsoft.

  • To download installation files for MS Excel, visit this link.
  • When on that page, you will see a button to ‘buy and download’ Excel for Mac. Click the button to go to the next page.
  • Enter your MS account details or create a new account on the next page and move to the checkout page.
  • After you make the payment for Excel, you will be able to download the program.
  • Install the downloaded file and start using MS Excel for Mac.

Download MS Excel as a part of MS Office


You can also install MS Excel as a part of MS Office suit. The procedure is easy and takes only a few minutes.

  • Visit this page and download a trial version of Office 2016. You can use this version for a month and then decide whether to buy the full Office subscription or get the individual Excel.
  • After downloading the file, start installing it on your Mac.

I prefer this second method because this way you can use MS Excel for Mac free for one month. You can decide to buy an Office 365 subscription or pay for Excel individually after the trial period is over.

So where is the free version?

If you use the second method above, you get Excel free of cost for a one-month period. But you want it FREE forever. Right?

There is a way to get MS Excel for Mac free for as long as you need it. If you are thinking I’m going to lead you to a torrent link to a ‘bad’ file, that’s not the case.

The copy you download using the FREE method below is 100% legit. Explore it yourself!


For this method to work, you should be a student because this copy is a student copy.

Students can use Microsoft Office products without many restrictions. They don’t even have to pay for it. Below is the method to get this free copy.

  • Visit this page in your internet browser.
  • Now all you need to do to grab your free copy of MS Excel (comes as a part of Office for students) for Mac is to enter your school email address on this page. You will get a link to download MS Office file.

I’m sure you are going to grab your copy right away. Whether you buy a subscription or decide to use the free version, you’ll enjoy creating and editing spreadsheets with this industry-leading tool.

Be sure to come back later for more on Excel and other MS programs.